25 Deadlifts
25 Push jerk
25 Pull ups

^30 min cap

Rx – 135/95
Rx+ – 155/105

*Simple workout by design. You push/pull a barbell, then you pull your bodyweight vertically. There’s a heavier weight listed if you want to challenge yourself. There’s also a time cap. That doesn’t necessarily mean go Rx/Rx+ and plan on getting capped out. HAVE A PLAN. You still need to work. You still need to more the bar and yourself at more than a snails pace. If you’re looking to do either weight, you are confident in your ability to put the bar overhead for mulitple reps. Don’t make this a deadlift, power clean, jerk, power clean, jerk, power clean, jerk, power clea…. you get the point.

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