Heavy 5

In 1 min, do
20 sec dball hold – 100/60 *10 sec to get to bike (you’re welcome)
30 sec bike – max cals
Rest ~2 min, repeat 2 more times.
Record all 3 rounds, but top score is your round with the fewest cals.

**Deadlifts last Friday on double strength day. And again on this Friday. And again on Tuesday. Sneak peek at what’s coming up in September when you’ll be deadlifting weekly. So prepare to set a 1RM the first week of October. Before we look too far ahead, we still have some heavy 5s to get through today before doing a little conditioning. A little twist on the bike/2nd movement combo is that we’ll be ending on the bike. Dball will be held at the chest (yes, breathing will be challenged – that’s the point) and then you’ll sprint while under a bit of duress. How good are you at controlling your breathing and going fast after picking up heavy stuff?

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