Strict press + push press
3 x 3 @ 85% 1 RM + AMRAP

3 Devil press – 45/30
6 Front squats
12 Sit ups w/ 1 DB
*Feet not anchored like the video.

Rx+ – 50/35

**The strength portion might look confusing, but after warming up and building up to 85% of your strict press 1RM (1 rep max – the most weight you can press overhead one time), you’ll do a set of 3 strict presses at that weight, and immediately follow it with as many push presses as you can do until you fatigue or your form breaks. We did this back on Thursday, August 1st as 3 x 5 at 75% of your 1RM.

The workout busts out the dumbbells with the Devil Presses. These can be better described as a burpee to a double DB power snatch. Use that pull back, or ‘hiking’ motion to build momentum to get the weights overhead. We’re going a little lighter than usual so these can be done unbroken without them turning in to a clean and press or flailing dumbbells close to overhead. If you can control the weights overhead and back down, go for it. But remember you still have 36 front squats and 72 sit ups to do with whatever weight you choose.

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