24 min
30 sec work, 30 sec rest
1 – Bike – watts (300/200)
2 – Handstand hold
3 – Hang from the rig
4 – Dball hold at chest (100/60)

**This is a ‘do work’ day. Work to find/hold a fast pace on the bike, get used to being upside down, improve your grip by hanging from the bar, and get comfy with the dball at chest or in your gut.

My baseline (female) for the bike is to hold a minimum of 250W to successfully bike 10 cal in under 1 minute. We’re doing half that time, so most ladies (or anyone M/F new to CrossFit) should be able to hold this pace. Yes, I have 200 listed, but this is a sprint, so maybe closer to 300 is attainable. For the men, baseline is 300, so aim for closer to 400-450. This is something you can even practice in warm up when given 3 min to get sweaty — don’t just go at 200/150.. SPRINT. Get your heart rate up.

There are ways to scale the hold and hang. If you struggle getting inverted, you can do a wall walk or just come up until your body is at a 90 deg angle against the wall, or you can hold a pike position on a box. You can scale the hang by keeping your feet close to the ground and using your toe as support. You can also scale these movements up by doing a freestanding handstand hold, or doing an L-sit hang, bent arm or chin over the bar hang.

Get used to doing these movements, and practice them daily.

Daily Read
Terminus” – Ralph Waldo Emerson