Kipping pull up practice
3 x ME + 3 minutes rest
OR 12-15 minutes Pullup practice


40/20 x 12
6 Med ball cleans – 20/14
9 Burpee over med ball
12 Med ball sit ups – 20/14

*Work for 40 sec, rest 20 sec.
*Score is total rounds + reps. Pick up where you left off after each round.

**Building on the new Games Prep Programming that is part of the Sunday Gainz Club, as well as the kill work we’ve been doing the last couple of week – strict pull ups this past Friday, and handstand push ups the following Friday. We’ll put this work to use tomorrow. Without looking too far ahead, something to focus on today if you do have a few kipping pull ups is to maintain a tight and hollow body position, and remember to push away from the top. Most people struggle to string together multiple kipping pull ups because they just drop straight down once they get their chin over the bar.

For the workout, we’ll use the medicine balls for something other than wall balls, which we did last Monday. This interval workout has you moving for 40 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds, for a total of 12 rounds. Pick up where you left off after each round, and your score will be total completed rounds + extra reps. It’s easy on these movements, especially the often overlooked med ball clean, to curl or toss the ball, not hit full extension, or miss depth on the squat. Here’s a free coaching tip – don’t do that. Here’s one with more explanation – if you struggle with all three of those things, focus on just one to do perfectly each rep. My choice for most would be to not curl the ball. Since we don’t do this movement that often, this would be the one move you haven’t practiced the most. For getting extension and depth, think about standing up and sitting down.

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