400m run
9 Deadlifts
7 Cleans
5 Thrusters
3 Bar muscle ups (or 9 C2B pull ups)
Rx – 135/95

**We have a long workout to start off the weekend, a good follow up to the low-key double strength day. The pull up work shouldn’t have been too taxing, but take care of your hands if you need too, and make sure you spend a little time loosening up your lats if those feel taxed.

This chipper starts you off on the run, then you spend some time cycling the barbell, before you wrap up the round with some gymnastics work. The reps might look low on those barbell movements, but you might want to take a look at those thursters to determine what weight to use while keeping in mind our no drop policy. And before scaling down too quickly on the muscle up/pull up section, there are still a few options not listed. Examples – jumping bar muscle ups from a box, or using a band as you might to do pull up. Even on the chest to bar pull ups, if you have a few, do them, then scale to regular chin over pull ups. Work with the coaches to find what weight and scale works best for you.

Daily Read
An NPR article about the song “Fanfare for the Common Man”. Why do I bring up this song? Because it was part of the June 1st WOD post. Take a read/listen for the first or second time.