**NO 5AM, NO 6:30PM**

Strength 1

Strength 2
Weighted pull ups


3x ME strict pull ups

S.S with 3x ME push ups

**Wrapping up the week with a solid double strength day. Snatches are a nice complement to Tuesday’s power cleans and front squats, while the pull ups and push ups are a chance to work on some gymnastics skills without the pressure to move quickly as you did when they were included in Monday and Wednesday’s workouts. Snatches can be broken down to a power snatch and overhead squat if you’re still new to the movement. Work with your coach to find out what’s best for your. As for the pull up work, even if you don’t have strict pull ups, you can get in some pull up negatives, strict rig rows, and DB rows to help build strength. The use of bands are good, too, to build the confidence and feel for the strength needed to get your chin over the bar.

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