Strength 1
Power clean + Front squat + Split jerk

Strength 2
Bent over row
3 x 8 AHAP

**Slowing down the clean and jerk, learning it in pieces. Each of the three movements is done intentionally, purposefully, and technically sound. Yes, you’re building to a heavy single, but it shouldn’t look like shit. It’s a heavy effort, not a max effort. I know y’all love your gainz, but make sure it looks good for the ‘gram right? I kid.. a little. But if you look like a starfish with knocked knees and a pressout, are you really getting the most out of our time in the gym? I shouldn’t have to ask that again, so go back and read the first two sentences again to get the point of the day. Then get in the gym and get after it.

Daily Read
Clean and jerk front rack position
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