20 min AMRAP
10 Power snatches (115/75)
8 OTB Burpees
6 Thrusters (115/75)
20/15 cal row

**Well, well, well.. fancy seeing you on a Monday, ye’ old erg. We missed you last week.. oh, just me? No one else.

Here it is paired up with the barbell and some burpees. Jumps over the bar, not over the erg, and a time capped workout. Aim to get into that 4th round if you can. And take a look at what weights you’ve been putting up for snatches over the last few weeks for strength and metcons, the most recent being last Monday when it was paired with floor press. This will help determine what weight you use for the workout.

Daily Read
We’re so light when we sit, it makes us gain weight
*The article does a better job of explaining it, and has a cute picture of a cat.
-NY Times