Strength 1
Pause power snatch + power snatch
Heavy 2

Strength 2
Glute bridges
4 x 10 AHAP

Super set
Barbell rollout
4 x 10

**Starting off the week with our double strength day, which has a power snatch. The goal with the pause and regular power snatch is to work on body position from the ground to above the knees (mid thigh), and then maintain that position, as well as keeping the bar close to the body, on the full power snatch. As much was we talk about overhead position and having good shoulder mobility, we can’t neglect the legs, which are the driving force of the movement, to get the bar overhead. I like the cue of jumping aggressively (not high!) to get the bar moving.. trying to push my feet as hard into the ground as possible, while letting my arms guide the bar upwards.

Butt and gut get some 1-on-1 time, too, as the secondary and accessory work for today. We last did glute bridges July 2nd on barbell roll outs on June 21st.