20 RFT
2 Strict pull ups
3 Cleans (155/105)
4 ACFT Hand release push ups

**Wrapping up the week with another long workout with low reps. This is a chance to get in some volume on 1-2 more challenging movements while getting in some cardio with the the remaining movement(s) and overall.

The pull ups should be challenging no matter where you are in your pull up journey. You can knock out strict pull ups with no problem? Great! Do strict chest to bar pull ups. You’ve got 1? Keep at it! Try using a band looped around lower J-hooks v over the bar if space allows. Otherwise, strict rows or jumping pull ups where you REALLY have to pull are both great scales. The cleans should be heavy, and done as singles. And even though there are only 4 reps on this version of the hand release push ups, get that full extension at the top, and keep your body rigid.

Can you hold a pace of 1-minute per round?