Skill Work
Pistol Practice
EMOM x 12
1 – Ankle Mobility
2 – Balance/Front scale
3 – Pistols/1 leg push

10 Pistols (5/5)
10 DB Box step overs (24/20 – 45/30)
200m run

**Another day of skill work after Wednesday’s post benchmark WOD skill work. Consider yourself hashtag blessed! The pistol skill work is used to get you ready for the workout. If you do have pistols, you can add some weight to make them more challenging. If you’re still working on strength, depth, balance, this is a great way to work on all aspects of the movement with plenty of options for each category. It can be overwhelming, though, so if you’re just starting out, pick one movement of each – mobility, balance, progression – and you can do them in the gym and at home. Over time you’ll see progress and start to change up your movements. This is a high skill movement, so it can be discouraging at first, which is why we build in this additional skill work which doubles as a warm up for the workout.

The workout also includes some single leg work in the form of weighted step ups. As with the pistols, this movement is also scalable. We can decrease the weight of the DBs or lower the height of the box. Both movements should be challenging but doable.