Push press
Heavy 5

3 x 1000m row (tips on technique)
Rest 4 min between attempts

**Workouts like this are deceiving. People see 1 movement and think it’s easy.

Before getting ahead, I want to remind you that the push press is one knee bend. Down/up. Dip/drip. Bend/straighten. Flex/extend. Whatever cue gets you to use your legs as momentum to press the bar overhead, use it. The dip doesn’t have to be deep, but it needs to be aggressive on the way back UP. It’s a singular dip or bend. Typical faults are pushing the knees forward or letting the bar slide off your shoulders (rack) and down your chest. To help fix the first one, position yourself against a wall. When you dip, keep your butt shoulders and head against the wall. To keep the bar from sliding off your shoulders, maintain the elbow position on that dip. This can be a tough position to hold if you lack the mobility to get the bar up there in the first place, so talk with your coach on ways to improve on that.

Back to this single modality workout – these are tougher than most people think. These are sprints, but your form doesn’t go to shit, either. Keep the basics of the movement in mind – legs, body, arms; arms, body, legs – even while going fast. Think of it this way – when you’re getting to the end of a workout and you’re trying to finish as fast a possible, you still move the weight and yourself through full ROM to get there. Same holds true when rowing. Every part of the row says the same, you’re just moving it all a bit faster.

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