In 6 minutes, complete
4 Turkish Get-Up or TGU (2/2) – 53/35
16 KB snatches (per arm) – 53/35
36 Air squats
64 Double unders (technique video)
3 min rest
Repeat 3 more times.

**Score is your best time if you finish under the time cap. Or best total of reps (possible 136) if you get time capped.

**Today’s workout combines some body weight/gymnastics work (air squats) with weight lifting (weighted movements of snatch and TGU, not Weightlifting as in clean and jerk and snatch), and monostructural (aka cardio) with the double unders. It’s also a bit of a ‘high skill sandwich’, starting and ending with a couple difficult movements. The TGU has a lot of moving parts, and the double unders are considered a high skill movement that can frustrate the hell out of a lot of people. And that’s especially true when you see a large number of reps to complete.

And here’s what I’ll say about that, and about this workout in general – it’s meant to be hard. Yeah, there’s a chance you might not complete each round, but this workout is meant to make you move fast and do as much work as you can. Do you still struggle with getting through TGU’s quickly? Okay – to 1 rep per arm. And KB snatches hurt your forearm? No biggie, let’s use a dumbbell today and then hit up an open gym on the weekend or Thursday evening and get some extra help on the movement. And you have the double under technique, but not that volume yet. Understood. Here’s a chance to get as many as you can out of 64. Then buy your own jump rope and practice, practice, practice.

Daily Listen
Holst: The Planets – Mercury

*Because Mercury retrograde lasts from July 7-31