“Hotel Work”

4 x 10 – EMOM 12 with 2-KBs
1 – 1×10 Front Foot Elevated Lunges (per leg)
2 – 1×10 RDL
3 – 1×10 KB Press

Repeat 4x

8 RFT (4 per person)
Dball hold – 100/60
4 Devil Press – 50/35
8 DB step over– (24/20)
*one person works, while other holds dball
**Penalty for dropping the ball is 5 burpees for both members on the spot.

**Busy day! But a great mid-week workout. Starting off with some double KB work with a decent amount of volume. We’re not looking for you to go crazy heavy on these; get some decent amount of time under tension with each movement.

This partner workout has all the things – heavy dballs and heavy dumbbells, moving some weight and holding some weight. One person holds the dball while the other knocks out the 12 reps – 4 on the Devil press and 8 on the step overs (total reps/steps) Feel that ball slipping? If you can’t hold onto it the entire time your partner is working, that’s 5 burpees for the two of you on the spot. Knock em’ out, then keep moving.

Additional movement standards will be explained in the Instagram live story in the morning. Check it out if you have questions on ways to scale the Devil presses, or how to cheat.. I mean, hack those step overs to make them easier on your grip. And do you have to hold the ball at your chest like in the demo video linked above? Find out tomorrow!

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