20 min AMRAP
10 Push ups
15 calorie Row
30 Air squats

Rx+ – wear a weight vest

**Back to basics with push ups and air squats. You might think this looks like “Cindy” or “Murph” with this one with the substitution of the row instead of pull ups. But this movement is one for the legs. Still feeling the lunges from Monday? Glute bridges from Tuesday? Put that same pressure into the ground to stand up from lunges and extend your hips to raise your glutes as you will into the foot stretches on the drive portion of the stroke. Legs will get more work on the air squats, but use the recovery portion of the row (coming back up the slide towards the flywheel) and squats to save your arms for the push ups. Which will show fatigue first? Legs or arms?

**Want to do this at home but don’t have access to an erg, but you do have a jump rope or a place to run? Knock out 50 double unders (100 singles) or a 200m run.

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