Lateral box step ups
3 x 8/side *unweighted, take at least 3 seconds to stand up

10 Burpee deadlifts
10 Renegade rows/arm, alternating
10 Power cleans
10 Thrusters

Rx – 50/35

**If you’re not worn out from yesterday’s lunges, we’ve got some step ups today. Keeping them unweighted this time around to spend a good amount of time finding the FEEL of the movement. We’ve done something similar with our gymnastics pistol day, but the focus today is on really slooow, and controlled movements, and making sure the foot on the box is doing the workout. Progression is likely to be minimal today, and that’ what you want!, so you can really get a sense of the movement. If you’re pushing off the ground with the foot.. well, on the ground, you’re putting the force into the wrong foot. This movement should really be called a ‘single leg lateral box step up’. Too wordy?