Power clean
Heavy 3


In 3 min, do
250m row
Max double unders^
Rest 2 min, repeat 2 more times
^Score is total dubs (or singles) from all 3 rounds.

**Working on getting the barbell from ground to shoulder today. Key thing will be patience. Be patient with the barbell from the ground to knee (first pull), from the knee to high hang (second pull), so you’re ready to effing EXPLODE on the that third pull, accelerating the barbell up to your rack position.

You’ll also need to be patient and powerful on the row and jumps. If you go out hard on the row for a fast time, will you have the aerobic capacity to keep jumping for 2+ minutes? If you take your time on the row, are you an efficient and proficient enough jumper to string together enough jumps each round? There’s some strategy involved in this workout.

Daily Listen
Symphony No. 1 – “The Lord of the Rings” – I. Gandalf