Push press
Heavy 5

21 Lateral hops OTB
15 Thrusters – 95/65
9 C2B Pull ups

**We’re following up Tuesday’s overhead squats with more overhead work in the for of push presses for strength and thursters in the workout. We also did some pull ups as part of double strength last Thursday, and they were in the HeroWOD Sunday, but this will be the first time since Murph you’ll be doing pull ups in a workout. Hopefully you’ve been taking care of your hands and any tears have healed.

With that said, I want you to try something today. With both the push press and thruster, I usually see people rely on their quads to get the weight overhead. What would that look like? Coming up on your toes. Some heel raising *might* occur, but wait until the hips are fully extended and knees straight. Rely on the push too soon and you could be losing some power. Focus on driving your HEELS into the ground, squeezing your butt, and being patient to press the bar overhead.

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