Strength 1
Muscle clean + hang clean* (*power clean is an option)

Strength 2
Glute bridges
3x Max effort (ME)

As mentioned in the weekly blog post, we have our double strength day back! Since we hit snatches last week to re-open the gym, we’re coming at you this week with some cleans. As with the snatches, hitting these in sets of 2s – muscle clean, hang clean; muscle clean, hang clean. There’s the option to power this movement if you have some mobility issues getting into the bottom of the squat. Maybe ride it down to a squat after catching it high, but the goal is one seamless movement of UP/down. Emphasis on the UP to get full hip extension, which is why I love this paring of the muscle and hang movements.

Follow it up with some glute work so you know what it should feel like in your backside when you hit that full extension. Also.. who doesn’t like to have a nice, tight ass.. eh? 😉

Daily Read
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