Heavy 5

This is going to be a fun day. I love strength only days. And since we can’t use the rig to back squat, deadlifting is the next best thing.

And on a Friday?? C’mon.. the only thing better would be some bicep curls – so make sure you knock out a set after you’ve finished your last set.

As I said with Wednesday’s snatches, we’re not maxing out. Yes, we’ll get a little heavy today. But this is going to be a double overhead, hook grip (maybe!), no belt, no chalk day. We’re easing back into things. And there will still be a lot of hinging and warm up work, especially if you did the 2k row the day before. If you haven’t deadlifted in 3 months, I want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and are laid up with a sore back for another 3 months! Let’s be smart, y’all.

Start warming up for deadlifts
-Squat U