For time
2000m row
10 Thrusters (95/65)
*workout starts with the row.

**Okay, so yesterday I said we weren’t squatting.. well, we’re squatting today. And the squats today will be in the form of a thruster – front squat to push press. The thrusting will occur every 2 minutes. Once you knock out your 10 reps, hop back on the erg. You’ll alternate rowing and thrusting (10 reps) until you complete 2000m.

We’ll get in a lot of drill work on the erg as well as mobility work with the barbell – ankles, hips, wrists, overhead position.

If you’re interested in additional rowing tips or guidance whether for fitness, to suck less during the workout, or to improve you 2k time, let me know and I’d love to help out.

A variation of this workout if you don’t have an erg is to run 400m and do 10 thrusters (DB, KB, bookbag of weight, etc) for 4 rounds.

Why the 2k row is one of the best tests of fitness