Muscle snatch + Hang power snatch

5 min AMRAP
5 Power snatch
5 OTB Burpees

**Go big, right? Many of you have been without a barbell for awhile, so this is going to be a lot of technique work, as listed above. Get those hips to be explosive, and get used to a barbell overhead. The 2’s will be completed as MS/HPS, MS/HPS. Coach will let you know when to add weight. Don’t be too concerned about the number of sets, as this is really just a primer for the workout. This is not a heavy day.

Workout has you taking the bar from the ground as you will for the muscle snatch, but you’ll be able to jump and land as you did for the second portion of the technique work. Keep your hips above parallel when you land – no squatting today. This is a weight that should be light enough that you can go unbroken every round for all 5 reps.

**I’m looking for 5-8 rounds on this. Let’s get in some good anaerobic work for those lungs.

This is a good combo of some weight lifting and skill work today. This can also be done with dumbbells, kettlebells (1 or 2 for either), and really improves unilateral strength and technique.

Drills for improving your muscle snatch (article and video – with CC)
– Catalyst Athletics