20 min AMRAP
21/15 row – calories
12 DBball cleans – 100/60
10 Toes to bar

**A little twist with the time priority workout in that the dball cleans are CLEANS and not just up to the shoulder. Ya gotta squat those puppies. One thing I’ll point out that differs from the linked video above is the speed and height of which you’ll get the ball.. because it’s heavy. Challenge yourself to move something heavier than you normally would – this is supposed to be hard. You should work to get the ball as high as you can on the initial pick up from the ground. Next is the speed to pull yourself under that ball and catch it in the bottom of the squat. To warm up for this workout, spend some time just hanging out in the bottom of the squat and work on that ankle mobility. Use your elbows to pus out your knees to help with that hip mobility as well. You’ll find it helps with the catch position on the erg, too.

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