For time
400m run
30 Power cleans
30 Front rack (FR) lunge
30 Shoulder to overhead (S2OH)
400m run
20 Power clean
20 FR lunge
20 S2OH
400m run
10 Power clean
10 FR lunge
10 S2OH

Rx – 135/95

**Solid workout today following the clean and jerks for strength on Wednesday. We’ll kick you in the nuts a bit with the run and lunges to break it all up. When you come in from the run, get to the barbell ASAP and knock out a few reps *then* rest. Don’t rest at 30/20/10, but a few reps before so you can transition immediately to the next movement, *then* rest. If you need to scale the weight, keep it at something you can do reps of 5-6 before resting. It’s a toss up on the limiter here – lunges v S2OH – but scale weight based on your weakness.

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