Skill Work
Handstand Push ups
EMOM x 12
1. Hollow Hold or (hollow hold progressions)
2. Inversion hold – against the wall, feet on a box (add in shoulder taps), or free standing holds/progressions.
3. Handstand push ups – strict or kipping, HSPU off a box, downward dog position, or seated press.


12 min AMRAP^
Dbl DB power snatch (50/35)
Dbl DB push press (50/35)
20 Double unders

^The DB movements increase by 2 each round, while the number of DUs stays the same.

**The return of the gymnastics skill work. Work on core tension, getting inverted, and pressing. Lots of variations for each!

We’ll be doing a double dumbbell power snatch. Think of a Devil’s Press sans burpee. Got it? Try to flow right from the snatches into the push presses. Shoulders are gonna be feeling this one!