Strength 1
Clean and Jerk

Strength 2
Weighted/strict dip
5-5-5 or 3xME
^SS – 3×8 DB Row

Optional/Accessory Cashout Work
Accumulate 2 minutes of an L-sit
^L-sit progressions from the floor.
Progressions from the parallettes, yoga blocks, or low boxes.

**We’re breaking up the week with some heavy singles of clean and jerk. Key thing here, as we learned with Tuesday’s overhead squats, is we need to be able to control the weight down. Squat or power on the cleans. Split or push/power on the jerks.

Wrapping up the day with some tricep work with dips and lat work with DB rows. Super set (S.S.) means you’ll alternate doing the two movements – start with a set of dips, do a set of rows; dips, rows, etc.