Front squat
5 x 3, 3 sec negative and 3 sec pause

10 Push ups
10 Dball shoulder (100/60)

**Ending the week with some more tempo work. We started off with the slow, unweighted lateral step ups on Tuesday, focusing on some single leg work. Today, you’ll get to see the power in both legs at work. However, today the tempo work will be seen in the lower v standing portion of the lift, as well as at the bottom. You’ll take 3 seconds to get to the bottom of the squat, hold there for 3 seconds, and then stand up as quickly as you can. The challenge here is not only in controlling the descent of the squat, but keeping your core tight and front rack position high.

The workout brings back the dballs. Sharing is caring. Put those hundos, 80s, and 60s – as well as the rest of the lot – to use. You’ve seen a good mix of long/short/long/short workouts this week.