Overhead squats


For time
150 American KB Swings (53/35)
^EMOM 15 air squats (starting with squats at minute 0)

**Here’s a rare chance to get in some volume overhead with overhead squats from the rack. We normally do this movement as part of a Power snatch complex, but they are getting some much needed dedicated air time today. Check out the video and movement description linked above from Catalyst Athletics. What I like about their site is they explain the movement, its purpose, how to execute it, and how to program it. The video is a great tool to show you how to get the bar overhead and how to receive it back on the shoulders. For many, due to tightness or lack of mobility, this will be some technique work and you won’t get very heavy, and that’s okay. Spend some time between sets working on some ankle mobility, opening up that Tspine, and stretching out those pecs and lats.

The workout is a simple 1 Kettlebell workout looking for speed and accuracy. How fast can you move the weight overhead, transition between squats and swings – two DIFFERENT hip movements – and get the weight overhead.

Finish position here is elbows/arms, hips, and knees locked out with the bottom of the KB pointing to the ceiling.

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