Partner workout^

24 min AMRAP
8 Toes to bar
12 Box jumps (24/20)
24 KB Swings (53/35)

^While P1 completes 1 round of the triplet, P2 will row as many meters as they can. When P1 is done, they will switch places with P2 and pick up where they left off.

**The return of the partner workout is NOW! Find a gym buddy.. a workout wife/husband/significant other.. and get after it!

Simple task. One person rows while the other person does one round of the triplet – toes to bar, jumps, and swings. Once that last swing has been swung, the partners switch places. Now P2 keeps rowing where P1 left off, and P1 does their one round of the triplet. This continues until 24 minutes is up.

Count up the total meters rowed, as well as rounds and reps completed, and that is your score.