Strength 1
EMOM x 15
1. ME toes to bar
2. ME Pistols
3. Rest

Strength 2
Heavy 5

**Double strength days like this are pretty awesome. You get a double dose of movements where you have the opportunity to do some skill work or work on a weakness, and then get in some heavy lifting. There are many ways to scale the movement – if you don’t have any pistols, or if you’re trying to improve on what you can do by adding some weight. And if you have toes to bar, start working on strict toes to bar. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you don’t have any, make sure you have the grip strength to hang from the bar as well as the core control to do hanging knee raises. Start with getting them just above your hips and farther up to your armpits and shoulders. There are numerous ways to scale both movements – up and down – so work with your coach(es) to find what’s best for you.

And then pick up heavy shit.

Daily Reading
“Train Your Brain to be Resilient to Failure”