Barbell lunge
3×12 – 6 Each Leg (AHAP)
*Stepping forward

For time
400m run
Wall ball – 20/14
Box jumps – 24/20
400m run

**Ahh yes.. unilateral work. We’ve stepped up on boxes, we’ve stepped backwards, and now we’re stepping forwards. This is a great test of strength and balance for each leg. Build them up individually and see how your squat improves. Take a couple sets to build up to that working weight, then stay there for the three rounds.

For the workout, we’re looking at at max of 17 minutes. You might think there’s no way you can finish under 17 min, and I’d say ‘oh yes you can, especially when you go unbroken on the wall balls’. And you’d ask if there’s a penalty for breaking them up, and I’d just stare at you blankly. Then you go unbroken on the wall balls and move as quickly on the box jumps and do the final lap with no complaints and finish under 17 minutes.

See. That was easy.

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