30 min AMRAP
50 Double unders
40 Air squats
30 KB Swings – 70/53
20 Pull ups
100m KB suitcase carry – 70/53

**Here’s our only long workout of the week. “Diane” on Wednesday took up the other long day, but it’s good to build in those days where you get a chance to work on your weaknesses when we might otherwise rush through those movements.

The movements I want you to focus on today are the KB swings and suitcase carry. I want this to be the same weight. I realize you can carry something heavy, but there’s more to it than being heavy. The video for the swings is the Russian height – KB shoulder height, parallel to the ground. I don’t want you to feel limited to this swing. If you can swing higher, go as high as your mobility allows. If you are having to lean back to HEAVE the weight higher, first lower the height of the swing, and you might also need a lighter KB or some 1-on-1 work to get that hip hinge down.

On the suitcase carry, there’s no requirement of having the KB in your right hand down/left hand back. That is the goal. But the other goal is to keep moving. And that might mean switch the KB from hand to hand as your grip gets stressed. I also want you to stay as upright as possible. WATCH THE VIDEO. Lean into the weight, don’t lean away from it to hold it up. Lean into it so you stay upright, force your obliques on that to hold the weight, not the ones on the other side.

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