A1. Alternating DB bench press

4 x 6/arm

A2. Crab push up

4 x 8
*2 sec hold at top; legs bent or straight


Every 2 min, do
250m row
Max double unders in the time remaining.

Repeat a total of 4 times
Rest 2 min between efforts

*Score is total DUs after all 3 rounds

**We realize this workout can be frustrating when you’re still learning double unders. But workouts like this – with a time cap or time limit – are a chance to work on DUs when you don’t have the pressure to complete a set number as quickly as possible. Plan on having at least 45 seconds to jump. And that might mean attempting a double under every 10th jump, or doing power jumps to work on the height of your jump to make sure you have enough clearance for the rope. Single unders only is a scale for this, but we want to make sure every workout with double unders is not automatically scaled to singles, and you are continuing to get in practice time.**