Press + Push press
3×5 Press @ 80% 1 RM Press + ME PP

2 Wall walks
4 Dball shoulder (per side) – 100/60
8 DB snatch (50/35 – alt from the ground/arm)

**This is the last of the push/push press complex, and you’ll notice that it’s pretty damn heavy today. We’ve increased the weight each week from 60% up to 80% by 5% each week. If you can’t do 5 strict push presses at 80% of your press 1RM, just increase the weight on the bar 1-4#.

Workout has a decent amount of hip extension with the dball and snatches. The wall walks might prove to be a bit challenging after that first first. Take your time to steady yourself and WALK your hands to the wall, don’t just overextend your low back, pressing your chest to the wall.

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