Strength 1
Split snatch
Heavy 2

Strength 2

Dumbbell overhead squat/snatch balance
5 x 3

Super set
Romanian deadlift
5 x 8 AHAP

**Starting off the week with some split snatches – a movement you haven’t seen in awhile, or one that might be new to people. If you struggle with getting under the bar for snatches, this might be a good alternative for you.

You’ll likely see dumbbell overhead squats in the coming weeks if they’re popping up as the accessory movement on double strength day. Spend some time working that tspine, lat, and shoulder mobility. If your struggle with overhead squats with a barbell, this will help you show which side might be weaker than the other. It can be easy to get frustrated, but use it at a chance to improve your overhead and shoulder mobility.