Power clean
Heavy Touch and Go 3 + 3 Front squats


12 min AMRAP
2+ OTB Burpees (1=1)
2+ Cleans – 135/95

**This is the last of our heavy ‘touch and go’ style complex. I hope this has improved your grip, your ability to bring the bard down safely from overhead or from the rack position, and has you using the hook grip. We started off with heavy 5s for power snatch/overhead squat and power clean/front squats, and now we’re wrapping up with heavy 3s for the latter.

You’ll be putting these two movements together for a (squat) clean for the workout. Paired with burpees over the bar, you’ll increase the reps by 2 each round. So you’ll do 2/2-4/4-6/6-8/8.. etc.. for 12 minutes. Weight should be so that you can fairly easily cycle the weight in pairs. Keep in mind, no drop policy. This isn’t necessarily a strength workout, but you should be able to move fairly quickly between the two movements.

^Scoring.. last full round completed + extra reps. Example – you get through round 12 of the couplet and do all the burpees and 1 clean in the round of 14, your score would be 12 + 15 — 14 burpees and the 1 clean.

Daily Listen
The Planets: Jupiter – Gustav Holst