Overhead lunge
3 x 5 (per leg)

12 Push ups
12 Single DB Hang clean and jerk – 50/35 (12/12)
12 Box step over – 50/35 (24/20) (total)

**This is the last in the series of the unilateral work. We’ve progressed up to the most difficult of the movements, and that’s with the barbell overhead. Video demo has the person stepping forward, but I would say try both directions as you build up the weight, and stick with the one you’re most comfortable with for the main set of 3 x 5. Steps will be per leg and alternating.

I couldn’t find a demo of how the DB clean and jerk should be performed, so you get a double dose, both performed with 2 DBs while the workout only calls for one. Put it together, subtract a DB, and you’re all set! What I want to stress here is the jerk — the second drop. There *IS* a difference between a push press and push jerk. We’re dropping under the DB to get it overhead, not pressing it up (push PRESS). Work to perfect the movement before trying to move fast through the workout. Read the article below.

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