500m row
7 Devil press – 50/35
14 DB Front squats – 50/35
28 Russian twist – 1-DB (1=1)

**Here’s our second long workout of the week, and it’s a good one. No barbells or bodyweight work as we had on Thursday, but we’ve got some rowing and dumbbells, which is always a good combo.

Find a steady pace to hold on the row. No need to balls-to-the-wall sprint it out. You’ve got 1000m to cover plus some other stuff, so don’t negate the impact the other stuff will have on your ability to hold a good pace* on the row.

Those front squats.. woof.. 14.. yah. Keep the weight up. Just pause at the top of the squat. If you need to set them down, that’s cool. But the weight you choose should allow you to do these unbroken or in only 2 sets. Breaking them up more and you’ve gone a bit too heavy.

Russian twists.. try to avoid ‘swiveling’ your lower body. Keep your butt grounded and feet steady while you twist your upper half. And touch the DB to the ground. No cheating. C’mon..

*What’s a good pace on the erg(rowing machine)? Okay.. this tip is free, but a 1-on-1 skill session on rowing will get you more info. A good pace is one you can hold while still being able to have a conversation or just breathe normally. Too easy? Pick up the pace a *touch*. That doesn’t mean your form/technique needs to change! Row a fast 10 strokes to get started, then settle into that pace. Your SPM (strokes per minute) should be around 22-28 – and faster and I can guarantee your form is shit. How do you go fast but row slowly? Have an aggressive push off from the foot stretchers, and slowly return to the starting position. THAT will bring down your SPM. The PUSH off (don’t think about pulling) will get you the speed you want. I’m angry typing now because I’m passionate about rowing *shrug*.

Also – row a 2k, all out as fast as you can. Use your 500m/avg from that and go +/- 3-10 seconds (depending on the workout) to determine your pace for future workouts.

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