Power snatch
Touch and Go 3 + 3 Overhead squats

12 min AMRAP
100m KB farmer’s carry – 2-53/35
12 Hang power snatch – 95/65
8 Dips

**Bringing back some barbell cycling work in the form of the power snatch. You’ve seen this before – Monday, April 22nd, when we did them for 5s. The workout that followed might bring back bad memories.. lateral hops over the barbell then 7x hang power snatch/power snatch/OHS. Good times? Yes?

Well you won’t have to worry about a complex after the complex. You might see the weight increase as the reps decrease from 5 to 3. As always, technique is paramount. Dial that in before increasing the weight.

You’ll see that grip strength tested in the workout that opens with some farmer’s carries. You’ll hit some hang power snatches (hips/mid thigh to overhead), and then some dips. The video shows them demonstrated on the rings, but you can use the Matador or scaled to boxes if necessary.

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