EMOM x 12
1- DB Windmill – 3 reps/arm
2- 1-DB High pull – 8 reps
3- FF Elevated Split Squat – 6/leg

12 min AMRAP
8 Push ups w feet on med ball
10 Med ball clean (20/14)
12 Med ball sit up (20/14)

**A few changes and similarities to our push/pull/squat day. Sticking with the EMOM format, but mixing up a few movements while doing unilateral work. We’ve got the windmill, high pull (a favorite of mine), and a front foot elevated split squat. That last one is a mouthful, but it’s great for stability and balance and single leg strength, and the elevated front foot allows for you to get deeper into that stretch. Can’t go wrong with some overhead holds for overall shoulder health. And that high pull.. *chef’s kiss*.. is just another pulling movement to add to your arsenal to build bulletproof shoulders. This is a great warm up from tomorrow’s barbell high pulls.

The medicine ball gets a bad rap as it’s associated with wall balls, so we’ll try to break the stigma of being a “Karen” and get to know its other uses.