Strength 1
Power snatch + Overhead squat
Heavy 2

Strength 2
EOthMOM x 12
Waiter’s walk – AHAP (Kettlebell or dumbbell)

Optional cashout/accessory work
50 banded pull aparts (thin band)
50 banded good mornings (thicker band)
3x max chin over the bar hold

**The first part of the double strength day should look familiar. We’ve done this paring quite a few times over the last 6 months or so. The only change is controlling the bar to the ground between reps and sets because of the new ‘no drop’ policy.

The second portion we’ve done from time to time. You’ll notice there is no weight specified, but we want you to go ‘as heavy as possible’ (AHAP).. which always means *with good form and technique. You might be a bit tired/sore from the jerks and burpees Monday, as well as the meat and potatoes of the day, which is the power snatch/OHS combo. We’ll be walking inside, but one thing I want you to think about is walking as slow as possible. Get in some deep, full breaths in/out of your nose and move with clinical precision. You have the time. You’ll care with your Right arm, rest, carry with your left arm, rest. That is 4 of the 12 minutes. Do you need to be doing more work when you’re resting? Not necessarily. You’re getting 1 minute worth of a killer shoulder and core workout. Let the body rest to grow those muscles. Double strength day isn’t about getting in a lot of work as fast as possible, but refining your technique. And I’m sure a lot of you will find out that you need work on some overhead mobility. *ooh sick burn! ya I went there!*

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