Running WOD

8 x 2 min, 1 min rest

“Run 2 Run”
8-12 x 20 sec sprint/run, 40 sec jog/walk

*Not training for a 5k and want to just get out and run? Or you’re not a strong runner and want to get out a little more? Try out this workout! No pressure to cover a certain distance, just move a little faster for 20 seconds, then slow things down for 40 seconds.


**Spending Tuesday and Thursday doing some time based runs as we did on Saturday with the 2 x 8 min time trials.

This one should still be around 400m, give or take. Work on keeping your mile pace in check with what you did on Saturday for the 8 min repeats. Shorter rest times, so keep that breathing under control so you can cover close to the same amount of distance each time.

Enter your times HERE


Warm up
3-5 min easy running/moving – include some skipping, grapvevine, etc
3-5 min dynamic stretching – high knees, butt kickers, straight leg raises, knee to chest stretch, walking hamstring stretch, air squats, jumping air squats, Cossack squats
Running drills – choose at least 2 from below. Repeat at least 3 times for reps (10/side) or distance (20+ meters)
Sprints 3-5x – fall and sprint, increasing the distance.

^Distance and time based workouts. If you have access to a Garmin or another type of GPS device that you can program in the distances/times, that would be ideal. Otherwise, make do with what you have.

Running Drills

Hop and lean, aka ‘bunny hops’
Alternating foot pulls in place
Lean and pull – do about 10 pulls on one leg, then switch legs.
Practicing foot pulls at a wall