Running WOD

6 x 800m, 2 min rest


**This workout looks very similar to last week. Instead of adding more intervals as we did on Tuesday, we’re cutting back on the rest. So try to hit times close to what you did last week with less rest in between each one. This will take a good warm up and staying relaxed to help get you there. For these Thursday workouts, the goal is to improve endurance and stamina stamina – going longer distances, and being able to hold a consistent pace. Workouts on Thursday will still be these longer intervals of 800-1000m, or anywhere from 4-6 minutes of sustained running.

Try to maintain times within 5-8 seconds of each other. These are not all out/ME (max effort) sprints, but something faster than a conversational pace.

Enter your times HERE


Warm up
3-5 min easy running/moving – include some skipping, grapvevine, etc
3-5 min dynamic stretching – high knees, butt kickers, straight leg raises, knee to chest stretch, walking hamstring stretch, air squats, jumping air squats, Cossack squats
Running drills – choose at least 2 from below. Repeat at least 3 times for reps (10/side) or distance (20+ meters)
Sprints 3-5x – fall and sprint, increasing the distance.

^Distance and time based workouts. If you have access to a Garmin or another type of GPS device that you can program in the distances/times, that would be ideal. Otherwise, make do with what you have.

Running Drills

Hop and lean, aka ‘bunny hops’
Alternating foot pulls in place
Lean and pull – do about 10 pulls on one leg, then switch legs.
Practicing foot pulls at a wall