5 Press + ME Push Press @ 60% 1 RM Press
3x through

250m row
20 air squats
10 DB Snatch – 50/35 (alt reps (5/5), from ground)

**The strength might be a new concept, but the movements should not be new to most people. After a solid warm up, you’ll build up to your working weight for the session that is 60% of your strict/shoulder press 1RM (rep max). At that point, you’ll do your first working set that includes 5 strict presses – pausing at the top 1 sec to show full extension and control – and again back at the rack position. And then you will go into as many push presses as possible (ME = maximum effort) until for deteriorates, you start doing push jerks, or you can’t press the weight overhead anymore. You’ll be doing this a total of 3 times, but it’s not a race to complete. Your shoulders might be a little sore from Thursday’s workout. If so, take some time between sets to stretch out your upper body some more.

The workout following is a full body workout that starts each round with a sprint on the erg. Heck, this entire workout is a sprint as the air squats and snatches I can see most people doing unbroken. Be sure to hit that ROM – stand up, get full depth. Same with the snatches – make sure you’re touching the DB to the ground, and getting full extension through the knees and hips to finish with the DB in a straight line from wrist, elbow, shoulder all the way to the ground. Legs, legs legs. Jump of the erg, power yourself out of the bottom of the squat, and use explosive hip extension to get the weight overhead.