Box step ups
3 x 8/leg

10 min AMRAP
20 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)
20 Jumping lunges (10/10)

*Some more lower body unilateral work as we work on building up on squats the these next 3 months. Previously, we did 3×10 on March 18th, so you could potentially use that weight as a gauge for today.

Yep.. a bit more shoulder work with the DB snatches. Rarely do we have a week like this, that has a focus more on the upper v lower body, or push v pull. Learn from it, use it to improve your warm up and recovery, and maybe it taught you the need to scale the workout a bit to still finish within the intended time domains or to take a rest day!

The weight on the snatches shouldn’t be overhead for too long, so keep the focus of the movement on the legs to JUMP the dumbbell up. Reps for the lunges are total, so try to move through them fairly quickly. If you need to scale these, a quick step back v jump should do the trick. The number of reps listed for both movements is total to help keep up the intensity of the workout.