Power clean
Heavy 5 – Touch ‘n Go

10 min EMOM
6 Hand release push ups
1 Power Cleans 185/135

Rx+ – 225/155

**Heavy clean day, as in volume. We’ve got some touch and go power cleans followed by a heavy single. My definition might differ from other coaches, but it’s how you would treat the movement in a workout rather than strength – move the barbell as quickly as possible. Need to regrip? Do it in the hang? The bar touches the ground and immediately goes back up to the shoulders. Any longer of a rest and it’s 5 singles. Ya feel me? This will be a test of your grip strength as well as mental will to hold onto the barbell. Be cautious of taking too big of jumps in weight.

For the workout, and for strength, keep in mind the no-drop rule. You might be able to get the barbell up, but remember to control it back to the ground. If you’re not sure what weight to use, go heavy. You’re doing one rep, but you’ll have time to get set up after the push ups. Blaze through those, then address the bar and get in a solid power clean.