24 min AMRAP
8 Wall balls – 30/20
12/7 – Bike cal
8 Strict pull ups
200m Run
8 Box jumps – 30/24

**Okay, folks.. here we go. Simple set up. We’re going to wall ball heavier, pull up stricter, and jump higher. Reps are low to keep you moving. Wall balls? Unbroken. Pull ups? Get better at ’em. Box jumps? Be consistent. What I mean for the latter is have a rhythm to your set up, jump, descent, and rest. Your walk in from the run is your rest, enough time to loosen up your legs so there won’t be any missed jumps. Use your arms.

Bike is under 1 min for all, run no more than 1:15.

Everything is short/few on this workout to keep you moving. Is it a sprint? No. It’s 24 minutes of continuous movement.