EMOM x 12
1 – Handstand hold – 30-40 sec
2 – BB bent over row – 12 reps
3 – Plank hold – alt rounds on hands and forearms (45 sec)

Strict Press (95/65)
Rest 1 min
Push Press (95/65)
Rest 1 min
Ring row

** Continuing with our Push/Pull? skill day. The barbell, from the bent over row, will stay out and be used for all the barbell things – press, push JERK, and the “push jerk”. Weight will likely be lowered to that of, if not less than your 1RMf for the strict press. Keep that in mind when loading up fro the strict press and jerks.

The workout will be scored as 3 numbers; one for every each movement – 4 total numbers.

Yes, everyone will ring rows. Too easy? Make it more difficult by having your body nearly parallel to the ground or elevating them.