20 min AMRAP
80 Double unders (Scale – 40 DUs or 1 min of attempts; or 160 single unders)
60 sec hang from the bar
40 Sit ups (or 20 GHD)
20 Push ups (and modifications and common mistakes)

**Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that we last did a long workout? You’re not far off! High reps again on the movements, yet the time domain is set today. But that doesn’t mean work on cruise control. As with last Friday when we made the 20 wall balls be completed unbroken, set a goal number to complete for each movement before you take a break. This is an easy one to look at and think 40/40, 30/30 (although, those with strict pull ups can probably do this unbroken) 20/20, 10/10. Avoid getting to the last 5 minutes and doing your sit ups as 1-1-1-1.. Crank out your set, then rest. Or knock out 5 push ups, and stretch out in Child’s pose for a few breaths. Avoid sprinting right out of the gate only to crash and burn. Remember, too, that we have Murph coming up in just over a month.

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